About Me

It’s always “flip some obstacles the bird”-o’clock

Hey what’s up, I’m Dorothy! I’m your nerdy word alchemist, here to amplify your voice and guide you through uncharted marketing territory to the land of plentiful sales. Making opportunity more inclusive and accessible to others is my whole thang.

Why? While I benefit from approximately seven metric tons of privilege, I’m also a Spoonie disabled by ME/CFS. Copywriting is how my disabled ass can still share the literal wealth. I create new possibilities out of thin air… I mean words… for those who need it. The Dumpster fire that was 2020 only underlined the urgency of bringing more diverse voices to every table, so writing copy that helps changemakers do good is the actual least I can do.

Dorothy is sitting at a beige bench and table with her laptop and notebook open, gesticulating as she's speaking. She's wearing a purple top. | Dorothy Wisnewski, freelance copywriter
Dorothy is standing in the snow laughing with a big grin, in front of a snow-laden conifer, with her hands in her pockets and leaning to one side. She's wearing an aubergine cardigan, a royal purple lace shawl, black snowpants, and forest green gloves. | Dorothy Wisnewski, freelance copywriter

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