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About Me

It’s always “flip some obstacles the bird”-o’clock

Hey what’s up, I’m Dorothy! I’m your nerdy word alchemist, here to solve problems for you with effective, values-aligned messaging. Whether you have a startup, a growing brand in transition, or a well-oiled revenue machine, I can step in with strategic consulting to light up new possibilities, and tactical execution to drive conversions. 


I’m obsessed with turning obstacles into opportunities, because I‘m also a Spoonie disabled by ME/CFS. My illness forced me to figure out what I actually need and want. Now, I guide my clients through unapologetically redefining what’s possible for them, so they can grow intentionally, too. 


So let’s get moving! What do you want to build together?

Dorothy is sitting at a beige bench and table with her laptop and notebook open, gesticulating as she's speaking. She's wearing a purple top. | Dorothy Wisnewski, freelance copywriter

I was thrilled with how quickly and adroitly Dorothy captured my brand ethos and brand tone. As a copywriter myself, I set a high bar for handing over the ‘copy reins’ and I was genuinely delighted with the fresh ideas that she came up with while still feeling that there would be a seamless style among the site copy she’d written and our other branding elements. Her questions and suggestions at the beginning of the project were so thorough that I had every confidence in her understanding of the strategy, and that was further proven out by a flawless delivery. I can’t recommend her copywriting enough!


Nicki Krawczyk, Nicki K Media 

Boston, Massachusetts

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What magic will you work for your audience? Let’s take a breath, and reimagine what’s possible for you and your perfect client.

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