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Client Stories

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Persuade with words, in any format

“I can highly suggest her to you if you're thinking about getting some copywriting done. She's going to attack it in a way that you didn't even consider that's going to make it more persuasive to the people who are actually reading that content, or listening to it, whatever media format they may be using.”


Korey Rowe, Founder/Owner/Creative Director 

Otsego Media (Oneonta, NY)

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Unstick your strategy

"With Dorothy's expertise I was able to take three offers and condense it down into one really good, compelling offer. That's really changed how I communicate about my business, and makes me a much more effective salesperson."


Alex Hitt, TikTok Business Consultant 

Kailua, Hawaii

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More Kind Words

Tino Chow, Founder/CEO — Giant Shoulders (Providence, Rhode Island)

Working with Dorothy has been a pleasure. Her strategic and problem-solving mindset stands out in our projects together. We worked well together to shape the client's brand into one that is differentiated and reflective of who they are. Her ability to capture the essence of the brands we work with and translate it into compelling storylines is truly remarkable.


Dorothy’s engaging work ethic instills confidence and trust, and she is always committed to delivering excellent results. Her adaptability and flexibility allow her to easily navigate unexpected challenges, allowing us to come up with innovative and practical solutions.


For anyone considering working with Dorothy, I can attest that you won’t find a more talented, dedicated, and reliable copywriter. Dorothy will elevate your brand story and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

>> See project: Website - With Giant Shoulders, for AlphaRidge

Scott Humphries, Owner/CEO The Right Path Marketing (Boston, Massachusetts)

“I have enjoyed working with Dorothy to serve some of my agency's most critical clients. Not only does she possess exceptional messaging and copywriting abilities, she also exceeded my expectations by offering tremendous value in several ways. Dorothy has been an excellent team member who consistently provided valuable suggestions that helped to improve our projects. She was also able to adapt her highly organized process to meet the specific requirements of our agency.

During client meetings, I witnessed her empower company leaders to confidently communicate their unique values. Thanks to Dorothy's effective strategy sessions with our clients, she was able to produce exceptional messaging and copywriting that fully satisfied their needs. Her professional and friendly demeanor made it enjoyable for both myself and our clients to work with her. I plan to continue reaching out to Dorothy to support our company's top-tier clients.”

>> See project: Brand Messaging & Website – With The Right Path Marketing, for Interlink Commerce

Donna Galassi, CEO & Brand Strategist — Blue Zenith Design + Strategy (Denver, Colorado)

“It was such a pleasure working with Dorothy. Her approach and insightful interview skills guided her to effective, powerful content that spoke on-brand, on-voice. I would highly recommend her writing services to anyone looking for truly unique content, that matches exactly what is needed to cut through the marketing noise and stand out.”

>> See project: Brand Messaging & Website - With Blue Zenith, for Dr. Duke Consulting

Maria Rosa Baquero Ehrenberg, Founder/Owner — Remember This Legacy Books (Little Rock, Arkansas)

“Working with Dorothy was a fantastic experience! I was impressed by her professionalism and outstanding talent from day one. She's delightful to work with and always open to collaborating. Dorothy has a great virtue: she listens and goes a long way to capture your brand's voice in the most exquisite language. The extraordinary Creative Brief she put together (after just one meeting), the fantastic Messaging Guide, and the Website Copy are the core of my new brand, my go-to reference for anything related to my business and my brand's voice. Don't hesitate to hire her! You will get superb service in copywriting!”

>> See project: Brand Messaging & Website – Remember This

Heike Martin, Founder/Owner — Heike Martin Photography (Manheim, Pennsylvania)

“I appreciated your ability to listen to my ideas and vision, creating a clear plan, openness to collaborate as needed and finishing within a set timeline. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to embrace their brand voice in any project that needs a person who understands who you are, your voice and vision, and helps you get it out on paper or into the digital world in a clear, understandable way.”

Mindy Kurtmer, Founder/Owner — Holo Duck (Delhi, New York)

Dorothy not only helped me solidify the voice of my beauty business, but also helped me realize what I stood for, since the business is an extension of myself. Dorothy made me feel seen. She asked deep cut questions to really get to the core of my business’s value proposition and understand what kind of people I am trying to connect with through my business. Not only was Dorothy brilliant and wickedly creative, she was also funny, professional, and a joy to work with. I recommend her services to anyone who has difficulty communicating their business to others.”

Petrea Delberta, Controller — Oneonta Boys and Girls Club (Oneonta, New York)

You helped us identify and define who we are and what we want to mean to the people we serve for the first time in 50+ years of doing business. That guidance will be extremely valuable for us moving forward with marketing ourselves to the community. It was so refreshing to know that we were heard in our first meeting, and see that understanding come through in the Tone Guide. I am extremely impressed with how easy this process was, and how much we accomplished in a very short period of time. You are professional and efficient!”

Brittany Ryan, Founder/CEO — Pointed Copywriting (Nicosia, Cyprus)

“Every piece Dorothy wrote for us was a piece I couldn't wait to read! Her dedication to quality messaging delivered in a fun, relatable way shone right through every sentence. If you're looking for a copywriter who will dive deep to find just the right words, she's definitely someone you want to work with.”

Tracy Beavers, Founder/Owner — Tracy Beavers Coaching (Little Rock, Arkansas)

“Hire Dorothy immediately! If you think you can write your own are wrong...she is a genius and will make you sound 100% better than you ever thought possible.”

Nicki Krawczyk, Founder/President — Nicki K Media (Boston, Massachusetts)

“I was thrilled with how quickly and adroitly Dorothy captured my brand ethos and brand tone. As a copywriter myself, I set a high bar for handing over the ‘copy reins’ and I was genuinely delighted with the fresh ideas that she came up with while still feeling that there would be a seamless style among the site copy she’d written and our other branding elements. Her questions and suggestions at the beginning of the project were so thorough that I had every confidence in her understanding of the strategy, and that was further proven out by a flawless delivery. I can’t recommend her copywriting enough!” (See this project!)

Jasmin Jenni, Travel Blogger — Jasmin Joy the Curvy Traveler (Zurich, Switzerland)

“I contacted Dorothy because I needed help for product descriptions for my online store. We set up a call to meet up and Dorothy understood my needs right away and was able to give my ideas a professional touch. There is no one else I need to get in touch for any upcoming projects, because I appreciate skillfully and efficient work. Thank you Dorothy!”

Kate Sitarz, Senior Copywriter & Content Strategist — Kate Sitarz Copywriting (New York, New York)

“I was fortunate to work with Dorothy on the creation of a homepage for a brand-new corporate website. We were very much in build-the-plane-as-it-flies mode, but Dorothy was able to ask strategic, pointed questions that allowed her to knock the first draft out of the park. As a copywriter myself, I set the bar high, and I can say Dorothy delivers not only intentional, on-brand copy, but also thinks of all the tiny, but extremely crucial, details that too easily get lost in large projects, like copy for the footer and meta description. I can’t recommend her enough!” (See this project!)

Sana Akhand, Founder/CEO — Friendship Club, formerly Jet Black Social Club (New York, New York)

“I never knew what a Tone Guide was, so when Dorothy recommended it I was a bit skeptical. I'm so glad I decided to go with one because it's truly amazing. It's like a reference sheet any time I'm putting together a document or bio or elevator pitch about my company. It's even useful in putting together Job Descriptions and updating copy on my website. I feel like if you're going to use a copywriter, this is the MAIN thing you need because it breaks down your brand's personality which allows you to explain your company anytime you need to explain what you're building. The best part of the Tone Guide is knowing why you use certain words or phrases instead of others. It's made me really appreciate my company's unique offering + secret sauce. Thank you Dorothy, for being able to explain my company better than I ever could. You're so brilliant.”

WHEW! You made it to the end!

Let’s take this to the next level — virtual coffee’s on me, so you can make sure I’m the person you just read all those nice things about.


Here’s what to expect from this 20-minute call:


  • A chat about your business and goals

  • A chat about my process and recommendations

  • Q&A on projects I can help you with — ask me anything!

  • A mutual agreement on next steps that make sense for you

  • A custom quote within 48 hrs; no pressure to commit on the call


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