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With Giant Shoulders, for AlphaRidge



Giant Shoulders is a strategic branding agency in Rhode Island, focused on helping purpose-driven leaders create a better future. They brought me onto a website project for their client, AlphaRidge, an IT and cybersecurity firm based in New York City. AlphaRidge has a decades-long track record of outstanding performance in managed IT and cybersecurity, strategy, and support, for major clients like the US Department of Defense and NYC Health + Hospitals. 



AlphaRidge had experienced tremendous growth in sales and staff, and were ready to pursue more large contracts going forward. This required fine-tuning their brand positioning, clarifying their service offerings and benefit to consumer, and differentiating their brand’s voice with more personality. Giant Shoulders had done most of this work, and brought me in to help finalize and implement the new messaging as part of our first collaboration.



Working with Giant Shoulders’ internal team, and directly with both AlphaRidge’s CEO and President, I was able to provide strategic guidance as we finalized brand voice and positioning. With that in place, I embedded into the agency’s website production process as the website copywriter. After collaborating with Giant Shoulders’ in-house designer and developer to optimize user flow and experience, I wrote the website copy in phases. AlphaRidge’s busy team had initially opted for done-with-you website copywriting, but ultimately shifted our scope to a full-service, done-for-you approach.




In the end, my role grew to providing website copy for the entire 14-page site. Though both the subject matter and the website itself are complex, we were able to use strategic design and messaging choices to keep the experience clear, benefit-driven, and approachable. AlphaRidge’s new brand cuts through the dry jargon of a highly technical industry, to better support both their clients, and the next stage in their own business growth.


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“Working with Dorothy has been a pleasure. Her strategic and problem-solving mindset stands out in our projects together. We worked well together to shape the client's brand into one that is differentiated and reflective of who they are. Her ability to capture the essence of the brands we work with and translate it into compelling storylines is truly remarkable. ...”

- Tino Chow, Founder/CEO – Giant Shoulders

(Check out Tino’s full testimonial!)

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