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Toonie Moonie® Organics



Toonie Moonie® Organics is a small business located in Oneonta, NY, with products sold in major grocery chains across the US. They manufacture the world’s first certified organic marshmallow creme – a cleaner, yummier alternative to the nostalgic marshmallow toppings many of us grew up with. Toonie Moonie® continually adds new flavors, not to mention retail and food & beverage industry clients, helping customers celebrate all the joyful everyday moments that center around food.



After several consecutive years of strong growth, Toonie Moonie® was ready to streamline sales. Founder/CEO, Kim, was still heavily involved in the sales process, and asked me for help with messaging that would make that job easier. We needed to keep some messaging that her loyal fan base already loved, and update the rest to accurately reflect what her brand now provided… not just directly to consumers, but to national retailers and major distributors.



Kim and I started with a Brand Messaging Deep Dive to uncover what messaging was working, and what opportunities for improvement we could find. She needed to keep her existing trademarked tagline, “I love you to the spoon and back™”, and preserve some of the personal storytelling feel from her previous website. But we needed to provide more clarity on wholesale benefits, and flesh out the brand voice. Once this was all documented in a new Messaging Guide, I wrote all-new website copy with a more cohesive user experience and voice. This included updating the online shop, and adding new FAQ and Wholesale pages to better qualify inquiries.




The new site’s design maintains a familiar visual brand identity, with an improved user flow and experience. The new internal link structure strategically guides visitors through the website to find what they need, and clear calls to action make inquiries and purchases easier than ever. Kim is able to confidently share the website knowing that it not only converts… it’s a strong reflection of the brand she’s worked so hard to protect and grow.


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“Working with Dorothy makes my job easier. It is that simple. Knowing when I have a marketing project, I can contact her and she responds promptly, sends a proposal within a few days, communicates clearly and well is how it begins. I learned early on I could trust her with my brand. The effort she made to listen to me and understand my brand was so appreciated. I have hired her for several projects, and all were done with the highest level of professionalism.”

- Kim Condon, Founder/CEO – Toonie Moonie® Organics

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