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Industry Promo Video

With Otsego Media, for Film COOP



Otsego Media is a video marketing and production agency with a strong regional focus, based in Otsego County, New York. A local film-industry nonprofit, Film COOP, hired Otsego Media to help them attract more television and film productions to the region with a promo video.




While Otsego County is home to an increasing number of large-scale productions, most industry pros have no idea that the area is a viable option. So Otsego Media asked me for a short, persuasive script that would 1) help them plan every shot, 2) demonstrate a deep benefit and understanding of the audience’s needs, and 3) prompt action.



After an in-depth kickoff with both Otsego Media and Film COOP leadership, I wrote a concise voiceover script. In it, the audience is the hero on a mission, Otsego County is the land ripe with opportunity, and Film COOP is the sage standing at the ready to help them succeed. I structured and annotated the script in a way that clearly guided interview selection and placement.




The result is an accessible introduction to what the audience can achieve with Film COOP’s help, and a friendly invitation to get started.


Click or double-tap on the image to watch the full video.

“I can highly suggest her to you if you're thinking about getting some copywriting done. She's going to attack it in a way that you didn't even consider that's going to make it more persuasive to the people who are actually reading that content, or listening to it, whatever media format they may be using.”

- Korey Rowe, Owner/Creative Director, Otsego Media

(Check out Korey's full video testimonial!)

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