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Web Copy: Use Cases

Creator by Zmags



Creator by Zmags is a modular Digital Experience Platform built for marketers, making omnichannel experiences quick to create and optimize without being chained to IT support or expensive legacy tech stacks.



They needed new web pages exploring benefits for their SaaS solution's specific uses—in an accessible way. Zmags was also taking their messaging and voice in a new direction, and didn’t have their new tone guide finished yet, so we had our work cut out for us.



I dove into the research stage to anticipate users’ questions about this complex topic, and got the answers during the kickoff phase. The brand voice was in flux at the time, but I worked directly with the VP, Marketing to establish and match the tone they wanted for this project.




Zmags' in-house designer and developer quickly turned my copy doc into on-brand, fully-optimized new website pages, making it easy to show prospects the possibilities of a very unique, niche solution.

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