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Nicki K Media



Nicki K Media, a new umbrella company founded on empowering people to build careers they love, needed a multi-brand website. It had to showcase current offerings, highlight their lighthearted, accessible vibe, and include room to grow as new brands, websites, and digital courses are added to the portfolio. 



I wrote a home page and footer with a quick overview of Nicki K Media and its brands, structured so that sections can easily be added as needed. The other site pages were assigned to other copywriters; we collaborated with each other and with the project manager to ensure consistency in tone and message.

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“I was thrilled with how quickly and adroitly Dorothy captured my brand ethos and brand tone. As a copywriter myself, I set a high bar for handing over the ‘copy reins’ and I was genuinely delighted with the fresh ideas that she came up with while still feeling that there would be a seamless style among the site copy she’d written and our other branding elements. Her questions and suggestions at the beginning of the project were so thorough that I had every confidence in her understanding of the strategy, and that was further proven out by a flawless delivery. I can’t recommend her copywriting enough!”

- Nicki Krawczyk, Founder/President, Nicki K Media

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