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Brand Messaging & Website

With The Right Path Marketing, for Interlink Commerce



The Right Path Marketing is a Boston-based agency with a strong emphasis on sales-aligned messaging and copywriting. SaaS company, Interlink Commerce, hired Right Path to help them convert more customers with a new website for their very technical services: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).



This is a great example of why you don't need a website copywriter who specializes in your industry. Prior to working with Interlink, I had never heard of EDI. But they needed to speak to a non-tech audience with straightforward language. Which is really hard for tech folks to do! So Right Path brought me on to handle the words in a white-label capacity.



In the messaging phase, I asked beginner's questions, dug into the why behind Interlink’s brand, honed in on their unique value and voice, and positioned them effectively against their competition. That work informed meticulous website strategy and user-friendly copy, which the rest of Right Path's website team collaboratively brought to life.




The finished 10-page site uses deceptively simple, benefit-heavy language to guide the target audience from problem-aware to solution-aware. Then it helps them understand the unique value in Interlink’s approach, without overwhelming them with company-centric jargon (like most tech brands do). It also gives a fitting introduction to the Interlink brand, keeping things light and easy – just like their customer experience.


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“I have enjoyed working with Dorothy to serve some of my agency's most critical clients. Not only does she possess exceptional messaging and copywriting abilities, she also exceeded my expectations by offering tremendous value in several ways. Dorothy has been an excellent team member who consistently provided valuable suggestions that helped to improve our projects. She was also able to adapt her highly organized process to meet the specific requirements of our agency.

During client meetings, I witnessed her empower company leaders to confidently communicate their unique values. Thanks to Dorothy's effective strategy sessions with our clients, she was able to produce exceptional messaging and copywriting that fully satisfied their needs. Her professional and friendly demeanor made it enjoyable for both myself and our clients to work with her. I plan to continue reaching out to Dorothy to support our company's top-tier clients.”

- Scott Humphries, Owner/CEO, The Right Path Marketing

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