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Remember This Legacy Books



Remember This Legacy Books delivers bespoke memory curation experiences for upscale clients with a story to tell. They provide a full white-glove service, from research and creative to the materials of the finished product. The end result is a finely crafted heirloom book with an elegant balance between visual design and written story.



When Founder/CEO, Maria, was referred to me, she had a website that didn’t demonstrate the value or sophistication of her brand’s services, with both language and design that didn’t speak to her luxury target market. She was struggling to attract the right prospects, and spent a lot of one-on-one time differentiating her brand from lower-ticket, indirect competitors.



Remember This needed more than just refreshed website copy; we needed to clarify the brand’s identity and special sauce for effective positioning. So we started with a Brand Messaging Deep Dive to clarify core fundamentals like differentiation, values, and voice. This work steered how we approached a full rewrite of the website. I collaborated with Maria to determine site content and organization before writing the copy, and with her freelance designer on page flow and user experience.




The finished website is a true reflection of Maria’s brand voice. It anticipates and answers visitors’ questions with succinct, easy-to-navigate copy, creating an extension of the guided concierge-level experience clients can expect from Remember This. Maria is able to share this key brand asset with pride – simplifying her marketing, freeing up time, shortening her sales process, and connecting her to more (and better qualified) clients than ever.


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“Working with Dorothy was a fantastic experience! I was impressed by her professionalism and outstanding talent from day one. She's delightful to work with and always open to collaborating. Dorothy has a great virtue: she listens and goes a long way to capture your brand's voice in the most exquisite language. The extraordinary Creative Brief she put together (after just one meeting), the fantastic Messaging Guide, and the Website Copy are the core of my new brand, my go-to reference for anything related to my business and my brand's voice. Don't hesitate to hire her!”

- Maria Ehrenberg, Founder/Owner, Remember This Legacy Books

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