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The Right Path Marketing



The Right Path Marketing is a Boston-based digital marketing agency, with a strong emphasis on sales-aligned messaging and copywriting. Founder/CEO, Scott, started Right Path to solve a problem that so many clients experience with marketing agencies: focusing disproportionately on design, and neglecting the effective messaging and copywriting that are so critical to conversion. Scott’s messaging-first services support clients’ sales processes, shorten sales cycles, and accelerate revenue growth.



After Scott and I had collaborated on a few projects for Right Path clients, he was ready to update the agency’s own messaging and website with my strategic and tactical support. We knew that Right Path’s USP is all about centering strategic messaging, and that this is already unusual; most marketing and creative agencies are led by designers, and there’s often not a single copywriter on staff. So it was important to paint a clear picture of what a messaging-first approach actually looks like, why it’s important, and how it impacts the results a prospective client would see.



Scott and I started with my unofficial signature service, the Brand Messaging Deep Dive. We dug into what drives Scott’s approach, how he developed it, and what he wants to build with his agency. Then I coached him through some decisions like differentiation, benefit to consumer, and brand personality. With answers to all the big foundational brand questions documented, we moved on to rewriting his website from scratch. Starting with the end in mind as always, I mapped out a simple navigation experience, and plenty of internal links to boost usability and SEO, before crafting engaging on-page and meta copy.




The new website draws on our messaging foundation work and Right Path’s internal SEO research. Built lean with room to grow, it’s infused with an approachable, on-brand voice, and educates visitors just enough to start a conversation. Between the Messaging Guide we created and the website, Scott has plenty of resources to share and draw from when new prospects have questions.


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“I have enjoyed working with Dorothy to serve some of my agency's most critical clients. Not only does she possess exceptional messaging and copywriting abilities, she also exceeded my expectations by offering tremendous value in several ways. Dorothy has been an excellent team member who consistently provided valuable suggestions that helped to improve our projects. She was also able to adapt her highly organized process to meet the specific requirements of our agency. …”

- Scott Humphries, Owner/CEO, The Right Path Marketing

(Check out Scott’s full testimonial!)

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