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Do good. Make bank. Change the world.

Redefine what’s possible for your business with empathy-based marketing and sales copy that converts.

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Sell more, heal more

Dorothy is standing sideways and smiling at the camera, with her forearms resting on a glass handrail in front of her. She's wearing a purple top and a black skirt. | Dorothy Wisnewski, freelance copywriter

Hey there, I'm Dorothy!

I’m a copywriter, copy strategist, and brand consultant for inclusive businesses that give a crap. Yep, your business can be a vehicle for both revenue growth and positive change! It starts with messaging that’s built on empathy and kindness.

What are you building?

Your customers need to be seen and heard, just as much as you do. When you choose the path of intentional and inclusive marketing, you actually help disrupt systems of oppression like racism and ableism—one message at a time.


And that’s where I come in, with branding, strategy, and copy rooted in respect. If you want to hit your goals without all the manipulative, exploitative tactics that make you want to scream, I may be the word alchemist you’re looking for.

How I can help your business

Digital & print copy

Turn ads, websites, emails, sales funnels, and mailings into money-making workhorses.

Copy strategy

Get a customized roadmap of copy projects to serve your goals, timeline, and budget.

Brand consulting

Clarify your authentic, aligned voice, so your perfect audience immediately gets you.

What my clients say

Shadow on Concrete Wall

"Working with Dorothy was a fantastic experience! I was impressed by her professionalism and outstanding talent from day one. She's delightful to work with and always open to collaborating. Dorothy has a great virtue: she listens and goes a long way to capture your brand's voice in the most exquisite language...."

Maria Rosa Baquero Ehrenberg

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Let's build something amazing together!

Let's build something amazing together!

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